Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Incredible Birdlife on the Cohos Trail

On the Cohos Trail you walk and climb through myriad micro-habitats, perhaps the most diverse of any bio-system in northern New England. From arctic tundra to the chilly 120-foot depths of First Connecticut Lake, from black, cold spruce forests in dark bogs to beautiful wildflower meadows on open mountain slopes, you will drift through a healthy environment that supports great numbers of species of birds.

On the Cohos Trail, more than 130 different varieties of birds have been identified over the years, from resident winged wonders that stay year round, such as the Canada jay, to a few that have been spotted only once in ten years, such as the snowy owl. You will likely see loons, barred owls, and blue heron, but you may also discover bald eagles and osprey, rare three-toed woodpeckers, moorhens, secretive green herons, and tough to spot American bitterns. Warblers, thrush, chickadee, finches and many others abound.




Spruce Grouse

The wildlife on The Cohos Trail is its real secret treasure.
Here’s a limited list of the birds you may encounter along the Cohos Trail. Some of these birds can be very secretive, but if you look carefully you may see many, many different species.