1. Dry River Campground Harts Location
2. Notchland Inn Harts Location
3. Mount Washington Hotel Bretton Woods
4. Fabyans General Store Bretton Woods
5. Mt. Deception Campground Bretton Woods
6. Applebrook Bed & Breakfast Jefferson
7. The Old Country Store Jefferson
8. Esty’s General Store Jefferson
9. Stark Village Inn Stark Nancy Spaulding
10. Gord’s Corner Store West Milan
11. Diamond Peaks Motel East Colebrook
12. Diamond Peaks Gen. Store East Colebrook
13. Balsams Grand Resort Hotel Dixville Closed at this time
14. Piece of Heaven B&B Millsfield Sonja Sheldon
15. Lake Francis Country Store Pittsburg Village
16. Dube’s Pitstop Pittsburg Village
17. Young’s Store Happy Corner
18. Happy Corner Cafe Happy Corner
19. Lake View Motel and Cabins Happy Corner
20. Ramblewood Cabins & Cmpgd First Connecticut Lake Paul Bergeron
21. Treats and Treasures First Connecticut Lake
22. Rainbow Grill and Tavern Back Lake, Pittsburg
23. Buck Rub Pizza Pub & Motel Route 3, Pittsburg
24. Mruphy’s Steakhouse First Connecticut Lake
25. At Bear Tree First Connecticut Lake

1. Rogers Campground Lancaster
2. Howard’s Restaurant Colebrook
3. Wilderness Restaurant Colebrook
4. Spruce Cone Cabins Pittsburg
5. Skywood Manor (hotel) Jefferson
6. Isreal River Campground Jefferson
7. The Busy Corner (restaurant) Jefferson
8. Groveton Village Store (market) Groveton
9. LePerle’s IGA (market) Colebrook
10. Dancing Bear Pub Colebrook
11. Log Haven Rest, Pub, Cmpgrd Millsfield
12. Mohawk Valley Campground E. Colebrook
13. Cabins at Lopstick Pittsburg
14. Tall Timbers Lodge Back Lake, Pittsburg
15. Kearer Farm B&B E. Colebrook
16. Doucet’s Sporting Goods Colebrook
17. Fiddleheads Shop Colebrook
18. Le Rendez Vous Bakery Colebrook
19. Moose Muck Coffee House Colebrook
20. Hick’s Hardware Colebrook