Here are a few Cohos Trail volunteer days to put on your calendar. Come join us if you can to help make improvements on the mighty Cohos Trail.:

1. Old Summer Club Trail clean-up on the south flank of South Percy Peak on Sunday, September 10th. Meet at the Christine Lake parking lot on the south end of the lake on the Christine Lake Road above Percy Hamlet in Stark township. Meet at 8 a.m. and walk in to the Old Summer Club Trail and begin work cleaning up the trail into the col between North and South Percy Peak. Bring hand tools (a branch lopper and perhaps a hand saw would do it), gloves, and a lunch and plenty of fluids to drink.

2. Composting latrine materials haul and latrine build at the site of the new Neil Tillotson Hut shelter in Pittsburg on Saturday, September 16th, starting at 9 a.m. The location meet-up is at the top of the first hill inside the Connecticut Lakes State Park (big sign on Route 3) about half two miles north of Treats and Treasures store and three miles north of Young’s Store. There is a big parking pullout on top of the hill on the right (east). Then cross the road and walk back downhill about 200 feet to a grassy cleaning area on the right (northwest). That’s the staging area. We need about six or seven folks to help us ferry the materials for the latrine down to the shelter site and help with the work of putting the latrine together (it’s a pre-cut).

3. Early in November, we’ll be hauling and building a new shelter and composting latrine within the Kauffmann Forest in Stark, just south of the southern boundary of the Nash Stream Forest. More on this later on.