The Cohos Trail was first envisioned in 1978. The founder, Kim Robert Nilsen, was working as a reporter for a small weekly newspaper called the Coos County Democrat at Lancaster, NH when he wrote an editorial about the concept for a long-distance trail through one million acres of forest in New Hampshire’s largest and most isolated county.

The idea languished for twenty years, but while on vacation in Maine, Nilsen revived the concept and began planning a trail route from Crawford Notch at the southern end of the county to the Canadian border 100 crow-fly miles away to the north.

Hundreds of volunteers, from children to people in the eighties have worked on the Cohos Trail over the years, and they are still at it today. The rest, they say, is history.

Many landowners, state officials, federal employees, local business people, school students, scouts, local camp owners, town officers, and many more have lent a helping hand. Almost everyone contacted and involved over more than 15 years has been enthusiastic and encouraging. Without their contribution, the Cohos Trail would not exist.