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There are a number of different ways people have been donating to The Cohos Trail effort. Folks have given of their time on the trail. They have given tools, lumber, hardware, food and water bottles to TCTA to help us during work days. There is a continuing need for materials of all sorts.

Many people, from young children to folks in their 70s and 80s, have donated time and sweat to the trail. Your physical effort is extremely important to the trail effort. Your desire to work on the trail is always welcome. If you wish to adopt a trail, search our list of trails to adopt.

The Cohos Trail is approximately 875,000 feet long and getting longer. It takes a good deal of effort to keep the trail open and in good condition. Your desire to donate some time to maintaining the trail is critical to the hiking pleasure of hundreds of hiking enthusiasts.

If you wish to volunteer, you may use hand tools on the trail. We can’t sanction the use of power tools of any kind and will not permit their use by volunteers. We ask you to bring with you a lunch or trail snacks, plenty of water, hand tools, such as a branch lopper, Fiskar or bow saw, ax (if you knew well how to use it safely), a first aid kit, bug dope and sun screen, work gloves, good shoes or work boots, and your enthusiasm.

Most work projects are one day long in duration. A few, such as building structures, may take two days.