How Can I Join and Support the CT? It’s simple to join The Cohos Trail Association!

Corduroy Bridge over source of the Connecticut River

There are several membership levels. If you become a member of TCTA, you help support one of the most dynamic new trail organizations underway in New England in its effort to complete the longest new trail in more than half a century. Your membership also helps the young association underwrite the salary for our trail crew, enlist volunteers, and purchase tools and materials. And memberships also help us in our effort to develop a modest system of rustic trail structures along the 165-mile route of the Cohos Trail.


Send a *check or money order to:

The Cohos Trail Association
PO Box 82
Lancaster, NH 03584
* Please include your email address if you’d like to receive our newsletters.

The Cohos Trail Association is indebted to its members and volunteers. You make it possible to create and maintain The Cohos Trail and to assist rural young people who work on the trail.



I welcome you to this very special place called Coos County, NH and The Cohos Trail which now can take you to it and through it. Come on foot, on XC skis, on snowshoes. Where it’s suitable, such as the old logging roads, then come by trail bike. Come quietly. Leave no trace. And leave the moose — and yourself, for that matter — in peace.

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