LEAN-TO SHELTERS: Mt. Langdon Shelter (on Mt. Langdon Trail off the CT route, Bartlett area, WMNF), Dry River Shelter (Dry River Trail, half a mile north of the CT route, WMNF), Devil’s Rest Shelter (Bald Mt. Notch Trail, Nash Stream Forest, Stark township, possibly open in 2015), Old Hermit Shelter (Sugarloaf Arm Trail, Nash Stream Forest, Stratford township), Baldhead Shelter (Baldhead Mountain, NH Fish and Game lands, Columbia township), Panorama Shelter (Society for the Protection of NH Forests easements, northern Dixville township), Little Diamond Pond Shelter (NH Parks structure at Coleman State Park), Neil Tillotson Hut at Moose Alley (lean-to scheduled for development in Pittsburg township in 2016).

TENT PLATFORMS: Percy Loop Camp (North flank of North Percy Peak, Nash Stream Forest, Stark township), Lake Francis Campground (NH Parks facility, Lake Francis, Pittsburg township), Deer Mountain Campground (NH Park facility, Moose Flowage, Pittsburg township).

CABINS: Mt. Cabot Cabin (Mt. Cabot, USFS four-side watchman’s cabin, Kilkenny township, WMNF), Mountain Bungalow (Mt. Prospect, private second-story facility, Castine residence, Pittsburg township, donation only requirement), Deer Mt. Cabin (Deer Mt. Campground, NH Parks facility).

FEDERAL CAMPGROUNDS: Zealand Campground (WMNF, Carroll township). Dry River Campground (WMNF, southern Crawford Notch).

STATE CAMPGROUNDS: Coleman State Park (Stewartstown township), Lake Francis State Park (NH Parks, Pittsburg township), Deer Mountain Campground (NH Parks, Moose Flowage, Pittsburg township).

PRIVATE CABINS AND CAMPROUNDS: Mt. Deception Campground (Old Cherry Mt. Road, Bretton Woods, Carroll township), RamblewoodCabins and Campground (Ramblewood Road, Pittsburg township).

BED AND BREAKFAST: Applebrook B&B (Route 115A, Jefferson township), Stark Village Inn (North Road across the covered bridge, Stark township).