THE NASH STREAM FOREST- A “new” favorite of hikers experiencing the Cohos Trail is the 39,601-acre Nash Stream Forest, New Hampshire’s largest state forest. This section includes the dramatic and steep twin Percy Peaks. North Percy Peak features acres of steep bare rock terrain and a blueberry barren at the summit. The Forest also hides wonderful Pond Brook Falls, the Devil’s Jacuzzi, the first class topknot of 3,701-foot Mt. Sugarloaf, wild Nash Stream, Cathedral Meadow, haunting Gadwah Notch, and the delightful Bulldozer Flat with its panoramic view of very remote terrain. There is a timber-frame shelter on the Arm of Sugarloaf, and an organized campsite on North Percy Peak’s north flank. In the future, other shelters may be developed in the area.