Cherry Pond

The Cohos Trail is a long and isolated trail system. It is very difficult to get supplies along almost the entire length of the trail. So resupply is a real problem.

In order to attempt the entire trail, you will need to create supply caches along the way. Fortunately, a number of lodges, inns and campgrounds along the route will accept and hold supply caches, either for free or for a small fee.

Below are two lists. The first is a list of the stores that are on or within a half mile or so of the trail. The second list is a group of accommodation businesses that will accept caches.

List of Stores along the CT route (south to north)

    • 1. Bretton Woods Depot Store. This is a general store.
    • 2. Jefferson Village Store. A general store.
    • 3. The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel staff canteen. (Closed for renovations)
    • 4. Diamond Peaks Store, Dixville. 3 miles west of Dixville Notch.
    • 5. Dube’s Pitstop, Pittsburg village
    • 6. Lake Francis Campground Store. Limited selection.
    • 7. Young’s Store. Half a mile south of the trail, on Route 3.

List of accommodations that will accept caches (south to north)

To get in touch with the businesses above about mailing or dropping caches, click on the following link and click on the individual accommodation links that appear. (See Business supporters of Cohos Trail Members page.)